Ho! Ho! Ho! So, you are considering offering a gift that makes a difference? At Dublin CODING School, we have decided to make this year special by gifting you something as well!


Indeed, you can contact us to book a course for somebody you love, you can pay either
– the entire amount or
– any amount you would like,
but both ways, you will receive a cute little card to give them this Christmas. If you pay for the whole course, you will get a 20% discount.

But how will that work exactly? So, if you decide to “gift your loved one a ticket to a new career”, you just need to contact us and pay any amount you want before December 31st. Then, you will receive a gorgeous Christmas card. You will give it to the person you want at the end of the Christmas party or after the dinner has been eaten. Finally, this person will contact us to confirm a place on the course of their choice starting before February 28th.

We genuinely do want to make this year special! Make someone you love happy, not just for a few minutes or a few months… but for a lifetime.