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Price: € 999
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Intensity: 36 hours
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Duration: 4 weeks – 12 sessions

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React, a JavaScript library created by Facebook, has surged in popularity as a top choice for building dynamic and interactive web user interfaces (UIs). If you are a Junior Web Developer looking to u...pskill in a cutting edge framework, this is the course for you!


During the course you will:
Components: The fundamental building blocks of React applications. You'll learn how to create modular, reusable pieces of UI.

JSX: A syntax extension to JavaScript that allows you to write HTML-like structures within your JavaScript code, making UI definition more intuitive.

Props: The mechanism for passing data from parent components to child components, ensuring information flow across your application.

State: How to manage dynamic data within a component that triggers re-renders when it changes, making your UI interactive.

And Beyond the Fundamentals you will learn about: Lifecycle Methods: Functions that execute at different stages of a component's existence (mounting, updating, unmounting), allowing you to control behaviour.

Events and Event Handling: How to interact with user actions (clicks, form submissions, etc.) and update your UI accordingly.

Lists and Keys: Rendering dynamic lists of elements in an efficient way.

Styling: Approaches to styling React components, which might involve inline styles, regular CSS, or dedicated CSS-in-JS libraries.

Forms: Building controlled forms to manage user input.

What will you be able to do after the course?

You will be able to use the REACT programming framework in practice.

After the course

In addition to the course, the Career Centre is available to all Dublin CODING School Graduates, providing career consultations, CV writing advice and assistance with digital hubs such as LinkedIn. We will also perform mock interviews to help prepare you for your new career in IT

Possible job positions after course

  • Junior Web Developer
  • Junior React Developer
  • React Web Developer

Course programme

  • Introduction to React: Creating your first React component
  • JSX: Combining JavaScript and HTML
  • Components:The building blocks of REACT Apps
  • State and Props: Handling Data
  • React Events and User Input
  • Lifecycle Methods
  • Project: Building a Small React Application

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