Adam is one of Dublin CODING School’s recent Data Analytics Graduates. We asked Adam to share his experience at Dublin CODING School and why he decided to take our Data Analytics course!


Adam 2


Why did you choose the DublinCODING School?

I chose Dublin CODING School for a number of reasons. Firstly, I loved the fact that their lectures were delivered by industry professionals, rather than academics. To be able to learn Data Analytics from someone currently working in the sector was a great opportunity. As well, the career centre was another selling point. This wasn’t offered by any other coding school at my time of looking and was one of the main reasons I chose Dublin CODING School.


What was your experience with the Data Analytics course?

I thoroughly enjoyed the Data Analytics course. Our lecturer Vinil was so helpful and patient with us, especially when we were struggling. He really took the time to ensure we were understanding the topics.


How would you rate the teaching material/course content?

I found the content of the course to be extremely useful. Each module of the course was taught from first principles and then moved on to more advanced aspects, so people new to coding/analytics need not worry.

I also found how the course was broken down into three different modules to be really beneficial. As most of the class were people who were new to analytics, we got to see the different stages of the process often utilised by people industry, starting with the extraction of specific data, then visualisation, and then finally analysis.


How would you rate your knowledge before then after taking this course?

Coming into the course, I had no prior experience or knowledge of data analytics or coding. After completing it, I was able to walk away capable of utilising SQL to extract data, visualise that data using Tableau, and finally analyse that data using Python.

Would you recommend Dublin CODING School?

I would highly recommend Dublin CODING School. The content of their courses, delivered by thoughtful leading industry professionals is second to none. This, coupled with their career centre, and the fact that their lectures are delivered live, as opposed to being pre-recorded makes it a no-brainer in choosing the school if you are interested in completing a relevant course.

If you are considering changing career like Adam, then download our Data Analytics brochure HERE!