Dernán is one of Dublin CODING School’s recent Web Development Graduates. We asked Dernán to share his story on why he made the career change into Web Development and how he found the course!


Why did you choose the Dublin CODING School?

I chose Dublin Coding School because they do exactly what they say. I wanted to change my career and become a Web Developer. After completion of their course and with their career centre I’m well on my way.


What was your experience with the Web Development Course

My experience was great. The course gave me a full insight into Full Stack Web Development.

Lots of help and guidance all the way through.


How would you rate the teaching material/course content?

There is plenty of material/content on this course. Some of which is easy, some of which

Is hard. If you are dedicated to it, you’ll enjoy all of it.


How would you rate your knowledge out of 10 before then after taking this course?

My knowledge of Web Development before the course was 2 out of 10.

My knowledge of Web Development after the course is 7 out of 10.


Would you recommend Dublin CODING School?

Absolutely 100% I would recommend Dublin Coding School.


If you are considering changing career like Dernan, then download our Web Development brochure HERE!