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Price: € 1250
(When paying the enitre amount all at once, you will recieve a 10% discount)

Intensity: 72 hours
(in real-time with a lecturer)

Duration: 8 weeks – 24 sessions

Time: 3 hour session from 18:30 to 21:30 – 3 times per week



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These evening courses are intended for people who are thinking about changing their career by moving into the IT field, and who want to learn the basics of automated testing.

During the course you will:
You will learn about the different types and techniques of automated testing

solid foundation in Java

solid foundation in JavaScript

solid foundation in Selenium, Cypress and Postman.

What will you be able to do after the course?

You will be able to create and automate test scripts

You will learn about the most commonly used test automation tools in Ireland

You will be able to identify, manage and prioritise software defects

You will learn about testing tools, browsers and devices

You will receive useful references for further self-learning

After the course

We apply a mentoring principle under which graduates who have any programming related questions can contact their lecturers for one additional month after completing their courses. You will also be able to use our school’s facilities both during and after the training courses.

If you want to start a career as a programmer, we will help you find a job in one of our partner IT companies.

Possible job positions after course

  • Junior Quality Assurance Tester
  • Junior Automation QA Tester
  • Junior Quality Assurance Engineer

Course programme

  • Introduction to testing
  • Automation Testing and Manual Testing
  • Defect registration, JIRA, understanding of test case
  • Testing tools and their practical use
  • Manual and automated testing
  • WEB testing, browsers, HTTP
  • Introduction to programming. What is Java?
  • Introduction to Selenium
  • Practical application of Selenium
  • Project work using Selenium
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Test Automation using Cypress
  • Structure of automated tests
  • The basics of Postman
  • Presentation of the final work and discussions

Discount system

Cost of course 1250€

If you pay full price all at once
we apply 10% discount!


(Full price € 1250)

Applies if you pay full price all at once

we apply 15% discount!


(Full price € 1250)

Applies to all school graduates for all course and weekend workshops

we apply a 10% discount!


(Full price € 1250)

Applies if you come to study together

* Discounts are not cumulative