Frequently Asked Questions


It is possible to pay for the training in installments?

Yes, you can pay for the training courses in installments. For more information please contact us at:

What is a pre-course?

A pre-course is a week-long introductory programme which can be taken before joining our main intensive training courses.
Pre-course material consists of theory and practical tasks to help you master the basics of programming, data analytics, testing, etc.

Are students divided in the courses?

In the courses where we have larger groups, we divide students into “beginners” and “advanced” groups based on a survey completed online. The survey elicits each student's knowledge in programming. The reason we do this is to keep students at their optimum learning pace. The programme stays the same, only the speed of learning is different.

Would you accept me on the course if I had no prior programming knowledge?

Our training is for beginners, who have decided to change their careers. The majority of our students are slightly older and have already been working in a different field and then decide to change their career - most of the time without any prior programming knowledge. We do accept everyone, but we advise you to choose this training consciously. You should really like mathematics and logical thinking – these two things should be naturally perceived and not giving you any stress. 😊

What should I do if I miss the lesson?

All the lessons are being recorded, so if you miss one, you can always watch it at a convenient time for you. The recordings can also help you to learn additionally on your own or to refresh your knowledge.

What are the chances of finding a job after completing these courses?

We will organise 2-3 job interviews with our partner companies for each person who has successfully completed our training courses, received good evaluations from the lecturers and did not miss more than three lectures. We will also help you write a good resume and prepare for a job interview.

Can I change the course date after I make a payment?

Yes, you can if there are at least 3 weeks left until the course.

If I change my mind, would you refund me the 10% deposit I paid to reserve a place on the course?

Yes, we will refund the deposit if there is at least 3 weeks left until the course.

What is the added value of your certificate and what information does it include?

Certificate – an official proof of you attending the course. We can only issue the certificate if you did not miss more than 3 lessons. If you missed more than 3 lessons – you are welcome to come back again and repeat the part of the course that you missed. The certificate is an official document issued by the school when you complete the course. Unfortunately, it does not guarantee a job placement for you. You can find a job only if you have the right knowledge, motivation, enthusiasm, and the drive to learn. 😊 Information on the certificate will include details of the academic hours that you attended at the course of programming basics.

Do I need to have a laptop?

We believe it is easier to study with your own laptop, the one you plan on using after you finish the course. When you start a task in the classroom, it will be more convenient to finish it at home if it is the same laptop. But if you need a laptop to use during the course, we can provide one for you, but we need to be informed in advance. For our online courses you will need your own laptop

What is the minimum requirement for the suitable laptop?

Software required: OS is not older than Windows 7, Mac OS X Leopard.
All programs that required for the course are licensed and free and will be shown to you by the lecturer.

How can I pay for training?

1. By debit or credit card;
2. By bank transfer;
3. Entire amount or by installments.

Which IT field is right for you?

We will help you choose the best IT career path, please register for a free career consultation here:

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