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Price: € 999
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Intensity: 36 hours
(in real-time with a lecturer)

Duration: 4 weeks – 12 sessions

Time: 3 hour session from 18:30 to 21:30 – 3 times per week



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Python Fundamentals is designed for beginners or those looking to upskill in the area if Python.

During the course you will:
Learn the basics of Python programming

Learn how to use the Python coding language

Gain an understanding of different Python programming environments

Understand the different uses of Python (data analysis, web, desktop, sysadmin)

Create of a final project using Python

What will you be able to do after the course?

You will be able to use the Python programming language in practice.

After the course

In addition to the course, the Career Centre is available to all Dublin CODING School Graduates, providing career consultations, CV writing advice and assistance with digital hubs such as LinkedIn. We will also perform mock interviews to help prepare you for your new career in IT

Possible job positions after course

  • Junior Python developer
  • RPA developer

Course programme

  • What is programming? What is Python?
  • An overview of programming environments
  • The different uses of Python (data analysis, web, desktop, sysadmin)
  • Data and variables
  • Data input / removal from console
  • Introduction to object oriented programming
  • Working with “files”; reading and writing of files
  • Overview of classes and functions in programming
  • Insight into robot tasks
  • Overview of Conditions
  • Introduction to cycles and lists
  • Summary of entry topics
  • How to manage errors
  • Introduction to Windows command line environment (cmd.exe)
  • What is class inheritance?
  • Insight into Functions
  • Understanding of JSON
  • Introduction to TDD – test driven development
  • Understanding of versioning (GIT, GitHub)
  • Insight into Data Analytics and Python
  • Introduction to “Jupyter notebook” analysis / PyCharm
  • Preparation and presentation of the Final Project

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Cost of course 999€

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(Full price € 999)

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