The Python programming language is one of the most popular, easiest to learn, and most widely used languages in the world. But beyond these facts, there are more really interesting facts you might not know. In this post, we want to introduce you to them.


Python was a holiday project

This language, which later became popular all over the world, was started by programmer Guido van Rossum when he was looking for something fun to do during the Christmas holidays in 1989. Two years later, a language called Python was born.

Where does the name Python come from?

 Compared to other programming language names, this one seems so strange. You probably thought it was just the name of a python snake? But it’s a different story. The language’s creator says the name was inspired by the British comedy Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Guido Van Rossum was watching the then newly released series when he created the language. He needed a title that was short and compelling. He seems to have succeeded.


Python is an open-source language

Yes, this language is completely open-source, so it has all the capabilities and features that an open-source language has. The Python community can also contribute to the improvement of the language.

Google uses Python

Yes, Python is one of the official programming languages at Google. For example, YouTube is built using Python.

You can build anything with Python

You can create anything you want with Python. You can make mobile apps, IoT apps, and you can also use the language for machine learning and artificial intelligence!


Anyone who wants to become a programmer should learn this interesting programming language, which has exploded in popularity around the world, so you can create anything you want!

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