Automation testing is a growing job in industry that, obviously, requires a degree of knowledge to be proficient in it. There are also other skills and traits that are super important for those wishing to be the best testers that they can be! Here we have 7 important examples of these skills and traits.


Must have skills for Automation Testers!

Passion for automation

The best automation testers must be keen to continually upskill and learn, constantly considering any possible ideas regarding the improvement of the automation process and striving to implement changes as such.

Focus on analytical thinking

A focus on analytical thinking is necessary in a lot of data driven jobs, as the careful considerations must be made in order to proceed with success, and not be driven by emotional decisions!

Keen to learn new technologies and keep up to date with trends

As the world continually moves into the technological future, as an auto tester it is super important to be willing and interested in the newest tech as they become available, and maybe even knowing a bit about that which is yet to come.

Understanding of programming languages

Java, PHP, HTML5 and CSS are important languages that are very advantageous to an automation tester who has the ability to develop their own testing programmes

Well versed with agile and DevOps

The agile methodology is replacing the old waterfall model as the most important, and it prioritises; Individuals and interactions over processes and tools; Working software over comprehensive documentation; Customer collaboration over contract negotiation; Responding to change over following a plan. In summary, it idealises modern attitudes and technologies over the attitudes of the past.

Good problem-solving skills

Organizations rely on people who can both identify and calmly resolve any problems that may arise. The ability to cope under pressure is also something which would be important here, as often this is when decisions must be made!

Good reporting skills, good communication

Being able to interact well with others is an essential part of being a member of a team. This is valued particularly when considered with the agile methodology, where it is important to work as a team when testing various programmes.

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