With the new year approaching, discussion will soon turn to what bad habits and vices we’re all going to attempt to forgo in 2022. After what’s been a difficult and stifling 18 months, many people will instead look to try their hand at something new. Whether it be big or small, life-changing or just something which improves your day by 1%, taking on a new endeavour can be a great resolution to make. That said, this ain’t anyone’s first rodeo. We all know how hard it can be to stay true to your promise. In fact, roughly 90% of us fail when sticking to our resolutions.


So if you’re going to make a resolution, why not make it a good one? Who knows maybe coding will turn out to be an undiscovered passion of yours? While it may seem rather like a rather left field suggestion, here at Dublin CODING School we believe learning HTML could be the perfect option. In this article we’ll show you some reasons why starting your coding journey in 2022 can benefit you and your future!


  • HTML is your bread and butter


HTML forms the basis of all the websites we interact with and will continue to do so for quite a while yet, on top of that it’s a very easy way to start learning. It usually takes between 20 and 40 minutes to understand the basics. After just a couple of hours, you should be able to set about building a fairly simple but sturdy website of your own. While this may seem like a laborious task at the outset, like all good investments, it will begin to pay back over time. Having knowledge of HTML is recommended by most web designers. Moreover, most of the time you won’t actually need to write HTML code, you’ll just need to be able to understand it. The simplicity and utility of HTML leads us to our following point.


  • Help Learn Other Coding Languages


Once you start learning HTML and using it to build your own websites, you’ll see that coding doesn’t have to be hard. You might even feel confident enough to start learning other languages. Through understanding HTML, you will soon be able to get a grasp on other technologies much more quickly and easily, these include JavaScript, PHP and SQL and Python. If you’re looking into becoming more serious about web development, knowing the fundamentals is a good place to start and adding additional languages to your skillset arms you with technical advantages and expertise.


  • Career Change


Learning HTML is a no-brainer for many people. Depending on how far you take your learning, it can make you a standout member of your office team, who doesn’t have to wait for IT support and can regularly chip in to help out with simple matters around the office. However, if you decide to pursue a career in web development, whatever previous experience you have can have a big benefit to you in your new role. Companies are constantly looking for recruits who can blend tech skills with other industrial talents. So whether you simply want web development competencies to be an extra string in your bow, or the be all and end all, as you begin 2022 with a new purpose. Either approach is sure to bring you new opportunities and a great sense of self-satisfaction.



  • Build Your Own Website


This is a big one for anyone with their own small business, or those who are perhaps looking to expand their social media platform to something more suited to their project. So whether you’re an artist looking to showcase your talent or an experienced entrepreneur, HTML can help you take the next step, by enabling you to customise and build a website that is perfectly fitted to your needs. Once you have that mastered, you can then set about designing your own emails and newsletters to maximise the effects of your communication.



  • Earning Capabilities


Maybe your 2022 resolution was to make more money? Apart from winning the lotto, learning HTML and growing your skills as a web developer can be a quick and surefire way to boost your wage packet. With your newfound talent and widened skillset, promotions become more easily attainable as your employer sees your hunger for growth, and new opportunities suited to your skills within the organisation. Or there’s always the option to change lanes and start a career in the tech world. Regardless of what role you wish to pursue, understanding how different coding languages work is a necessity. Even if you’re not ready to jump ship just yet, HTML can provide you with the chance to earn additional income through freelancing. This will allow you to slowly build your portfolio, gain some confidence and deepen your knowledge.


These were just 5 simple reasons, in reality your new educational journey is sure to contain many hidden benefits such as new friendships, the satisfaction gained from learning, a new outlook on the web and  the possibility of new experiences. Furthermore, coincidently the structure our courses here at Dublin CODING School provide coincides perfectly with recommended, proven ways to stick to your New Year’s resolutions.


  1. Start with specific goals
  2. Set resolutions for the right reasons
  3. Document your progress
  4. Schedule in time to achieve goals
  5. Embrace the buddy system
  6. Ask others to keep you accountable


So why not have a look through our brochure HERE. FInd out more about what Dublin CODING School has on offer, and sort your 2022 resolution out nice and early!