Conor is one of Dublin CODING School’s Web Development Graduates. We asked Conor to share his experience and why he chose to study at Dublin CODING School.


Why did you choose Dublin CODING School?

I have always wanted to learn about coding, but I chose to go down another path in college. Dublin CODING School appealed to me as the Full Stack course allowed me to experience both the front & back end to see which would suit my interests more.

What was your experience of the Web Development Course?

The course content was great for a beginner. It was tough at times to follow some of the more complex parts, however the revision of previous lectures by the Lecturer and the availability of lecture recordings really helped. It is great for getting an introduction into the different programming languages and how to apply them.


How would you rate the course content?

The content was really good for an introductory course. We were taught about the basics of HTML, CSS, JS, PHP & SQL which lay the foundations for pushing on and learning more. Our Lecturer was great in explaining the various different parts of each language and would go over anything we were unsure of.

How would you rate your knowledge out of 10 before then after taking this course?

Before the course I did not have much of an understanding at all so I would say 0. Now after taking the course I would have an 8/10 knowledge of the basics of Web Development.

Would you recommend Dublin CODING School to a friend?

Definitely. I was unsure which end of programming I would like to focus on but this course really highlighted to me the languages I was more suited to. For anyone looking at a change of career in Web Development, I would highly recommend taking this course as a starting point.


If you are interested in Web Development, then download Dublin CODING School’s course brochure HERE!