Quam is currently studying Full-Stack Web Development at Dublin CODING School. We asked Quam about his experience so far:


Why did you choose Dublin CODING School?

 I chose Dublin CODING School as their courses are tailored to the Irish jobs market. This was a deciding factor for me as I want to change my career. I also like that the course is online and convenient. I have found the programme detailed and very interactive so far.

What was your experience of the Web Development Course so far?

So far so good! Akhil has great experience working at Microsoft. It is fantastic to learn from an experienced professional. The sessions are all live and have all been friendly and engaging.

How would you rate the course content?

The content has been great, I give it overall 90%. A good mix of theory, practical work, discussion sessions and 1:1 time with the Lecturer.

Would you recommend Dublin CODING School to a friend?

 Absolutely if I come across anyone looking to study IT related course would gladly recommend Dublin CODING School.


If you are interested in Web Development, then download Dublin CODING School’s course brochure HERE!