Dublin CODING School is delighted to introduce Vladimir Bunic, our new Lecturer in Cyber Security. Vladimir is a Cyber Security Consultant at CySecNet. We asked Vladimir about his career so far and his advice for someone considering a career in Cyber Security!

Vladimir 3

What first attracted you to Cyber security?

5 years ago I decided I wanted to advance from my IT Support Engineer role to a more fast-paced environment, I decided to choose the Cyber ​​Security field as it allows you to get more into the depth of Information Security Management Systems and after gaining experience in each of the roles within of Cyber ​​Security I advanced myself into a Consultant with easily transferable skills into Managerial role in near future as a Senior IT Professional.

 What does a day look like as a Cyber ​​Security Consultant in your company working in?

Being Cyber ​​Security Consultant is being prepared for constant change within the daily schedule. Meeting people’s expectations and developing projects according to ISMS rules and regulations is always a challenge. In short … putting a smile on your face and arming yourself with confidence is an essential part of every working day!

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in Cyber Security?

Being prepared to continually learn, persistency and confidence is essential. Training in different roles of Cyber Security in a minimum 3 years period of time and constant personal development in different areas.

Why is Cyber security so crucial in business today?

Cyber ​​Security is 95% of Information Security which is taking care of data process management of every business today. So Cyber ​​Security is very crucial in the prevention, detection, and protection of any organization and a “must-have” in Financial, IT, Government organizations within compliance frameworks like ISO27001, NIST, or PCIDSS for Financial Institutions.

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