Data analytics is the science of analysing raw data to make conclusions about that information. Data analytics is a broad term that involves many different types of data analysis. Data analytics techniques can be used to reveal trends that would otherwise be lost in a mass of information. This information can then be used to optimize processes to increase the overall efficiency of a business or system.

Nowadays, data analysis plays a huge role in every industry from small companies to major organisations such as the healthcare, sports, insurance, and the tech industry. We have taken a closer look at 7 companies that use Data Analytics;



1. Spotify

 Spotify uses data analytics and many data techniques to improve how we listen to and how we enjoy music. Spotify has lots of users and it is a fully data-driven company. They use information such as a song’s playtime, where they are being streamed, what kind of device is being used for streaming, and when they are being played. All of that data is providing the music and tech industry with key insights as to how we listen to music and podcasts. Spotify has also launched Spotify for Artists, which gives artists access to data so they can improve their promotion and presence. Also, Spotify uses data analytics for digitizing the taste of users, developing personalized content, for enhanced marketing through targeted ads and Spotify wrapped.

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2. Facebook

Facebook enhances a user’s experience with its use of data analytics. For example, Facebook reminds us of birthdays, friendship anniversaries, and memories. This work is due to data analytics. Data plays a very vital role for Facebook as they create flashbacks based on data collected from previous posts and media that is uploaded from the past. Image recognition is also is one of the big data technologies adopted by Facebook. It is a technology that advises devices on how to observe the details in a picture or video just by directing it through several other images.

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3. Instagram

Instagram uses data analytics to its benefit by taking out and evaluating the customer insights it gains from users’ activity. Whenever we scroll through our feed on Instagram, the next time we do it we similar types of posts and advertisements. This is due to their use of data analysis which collects our information and recommends us accordingly. Data helps Instagram in tracking the likes, followers, new users, and the suggested accounts to follow which helps in improving the growth of the company. Instagram is one of the well-known companies that use AI and big data in a very useful manner.

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4. Starbucks

Starbucks is an international brand that is famous for its coffee. You wouldn’t associate them with data analytics but it plays a huge role for the company. They collect all the information of the customer when they use a mobile app or order anything through it. According to the data collected, they show the recommended items and promotions. The company also uses data analytics to adjust its menu according to the customer’s preferences and tastes. They also use this information to create more appropriate marketing campaigns and promotions, choose locations for new stores and even decide on future menu updates and ideas.

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5. Netflix

Netflix has millions of subscribers all over the world and it is very difficult to handle all the data. Data analysis techniques help in collecting all the data of the users and build a profile of the user to recommend movies according to their past searches. According to Netflix, most of the viewer’s activity is based on personalized suggestions. Netflix also takes screenshots of the scenes most watched or might have played repeatedly to know the customer’s preferences. They also use its data analytics tools to choose if they prefer to greenlight original content or not. Netflix’s skill to collect and use the data is a major part of their success.

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6. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is the world’s most famous and recognised fast-food company that is adopting modern technology in many ways which include using data and AI.McDonald’s has developed into a more information-centric company that is naturally driven and influenced by data-based decisions. They use data to enhance their customers’ experience. When anyone uses their mobile app or orders anything they store their data for further recommendations, suggestions, offers, and promotions. It also collects in-store traffic, customer interactions, ordering patterns, point-of-sale data, video data, and sensor data. They also use this information to make key updates and changes to their menu and to make plans for future menus.

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7. Amazon

Amazon is a well-known e-commerce platform with millions of users around the world. They store every single piece of information related to their customer as a means of finding out how customers are spending their money on an individual product. All this information is being collected to use in social media advertising algorithms that can be further used to expand customer relations, recommend products, improve a customer’s experience and services, etc. For example, if you place something on your wishlist you will begin to see similar products being suggested to you. Amazon uses data analytics to give recommendations that often result in immediate purchases from a customer and also increase the entire shopping experience.

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