Automation Testers are currently in high demand and this demand will continue to grow at a fast pace. But what is the typical day of an Automation tester really like? What kind of activities does it entail, and what is really involved on a daily basis?

We at Dublin CODING School asked our team of web Automation Testing lecturers what a typical day in their job role is really like, and is it really as appealing as it seems?

A Day in the life of an Automation Tester

Camille Nogueira, Automation Testing Lecturer, and Senior Automation Engineer and Scrum Master at Transpoco

I start my day by monitoring the scheduled test results (running every night) and checking for potential problems. I need to check which kind of tests need to be implemented and I code the automation tests based on the tests cases already provided. Also, I have a daily meeting with the team to discuss how the progress of tasks and update stakeholders about the progress of projects.


Palash Dange,  Automation Testing Lecturer and Senior Automation Engineer at Rent the Runway

In any organisation, the goal is to improve the quality of the product. Day to day, as an Automation Tester, you would be writing automated test cases and finding bugs in applications and helping to make sure products are of the highest quality.

Automation is a fun field to work in; it can be like detective work in the field of Software. The basics of Automation testing can be taught to anyone who is motivated to learn. With a great foundation and clear basic knowledge, anyone can do wonders and help improve the quality of a company’s software.

day in the life

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