Web Development: It’s fair to assume that a large percentage of the readers of this blog have a positiveThings to Know about a Career in Web Development perception of the space, as well as a potential career in it. Whether it be through popular films such as The Social Network, or critically acclaimed series like Silicon Valley, the benefits of a career in web or software development are often highlighted. This, coupled with the continuously increasing demand for competent developers can be seen the cement the area as an attractive space for prospective employees. In recent years, the demand for web developers has continued to grow and is projected to further. Within the next 5 years alone, the job market for developers is estimated to increase by 15%, due to a number of factors including the continued shift towards online business operations, potentially further accelerated by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic


The Basics of Website Development

Web Development refers to all of the work involved in creating a fully functioning website, which is ultimately accessible through the internet or other applicable network. Throughout this process, there are typically two phases:

  1. Front End Development – encompassing the development of the website with which the user sees and interacts. This is accomplished using various computing languages including CSS and Javascript.
  2. Back End Development – focusing on the tasks which ensure the efficient and trouble-free running of the site, utilising languages like Java, Python and C#.

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An Attractive Sector

As alluded to recently, it is reasonable to presume that a large proportion of the population perceives web development as an attractive sector. This stems from a number of reasons:

  • Job flexibility: Due to the wide-ranging opportunities for developers as more and more businesses realise the importance of online operations.
  • Financial Remuneration: Developers with specialised skills have the chance to receive a considerably higher salary than most.
  • Working Environment and Non – Financial Benefits: The tech industry has been long known for its extremely lucrative and innovative working environments, coupled with the benefits in kind also present.


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