Have you ever scrolled through an app or browsed a webpage, and been frustrated with how it’s laid out, pondering as to why it seems clunky or unorganised? Ever wondered what it could be like to design your own? If any of these feelings resonate with you, it may well be worth trying your hand at UX Design.


Firstly, it might be of some help if we cleared up some of the discrepancies between UX vs UI design. Most simply, UX (user experience) design encompasses the overall feel and general experience of the app/webpage. They decide what they want to be included, what they want the user to feel, and where they want the user to be led. By conceptualising the “storyline” which the user follows, they are in charge of optimizing the product for effective and pleasurable use for the user.

The Future Outlook of UX/UI Design

UI (user interface) design, on the other hand, is all about the look and aesthetic nature of the product. Colour scheme, placement of widgets, spacing, and so forth. If the UX designer is the architect, UI design could be considered more similar to an interior designer. While there exists plenty of overlap between the two, knowing the differences goes a long way.


While there are murmurings of AI making UX/UI designers obsolete, the evidence would strongly suggest otherwise. Much like the way the internet grows and adapts, consequently the surrounding roles evolve in tandem with these changes. In fact, Morgan McKinley has noted a 3x increase in UX design jobs in Ireland in the past 5 years. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean there are no jobs left! The UX Design Institute estimates a need for 580,000 more UX designers in EMEA areas by 2024.

The Future Outlook of UX/UI Design 1

With LinkedIn considering UX design in the “Top 5 in-demand skills as of 2020”, and the average salary in Ireland equaling a hefty 60k per annum. Beginning your journey with Dublin CODING School could be the change you’ve been searching for. Existing as a coder-designer hybrid, UX design is suitable for a wide range of people. Many everyday traits such as problem-solving, good communication, empathy, and attention to detail, give someone a great head start which can be built upon with the right education and connections.


As a result of the extra demand on online functionaries caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and massive changes in the way Google ranks web pages in the search results, the UX design world is heating up. Global organisations and startups are searching for designers who can build the next generation of websites. As of January 2020, 1.7 billion websites and 4 million mobile apps were being constantly navigated by the 4 billion internet users in existence.

The Future Outlook of UX/UI Design

With the top 3 countries where UX designers are located all being English speaking, the opportunities afforded to you as a Dublin CODING School graduate can set you on your way to taking control of your journey, turning you from consumer to provider.

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