Emmanuel is one of Dublin CODING School’s Web Development Graduates. We asked Emmanuel to share his experience and why he chose to study at Dublin CODING School.


Why did you choose Dublin CODING School?

I chose Dublin Coding School because of referrals I got from a friend on how highly interactive the classes are.


What was your experience with the Web Development Course?

My overall experience of the Web Development Course was worthwhile. Every time spent was highly educative and knowledge imparting.


How would you rate the course content?

The course content is great as both front and back-end application was covered.


How would you rate your knowledge out of 10 before then after taking this course?

My web development knowledge improved to over 8 from a point of 10.


Would you recommend Dublin CODING School to a friend?

Yes… I will definitely recommend Dublin Coding School to everyone.


If you are interested in Web Development, then download Dublin CODING School’s course brochure HERE!