If you have been looking for a career change? Then you should consider UX/UI Design!

UX/UI Design has become a crucial function in the new world of work. It is an exciting and ever-changing career path. It is becoming one of the most popular careers. There is increasing demand for UX/UI Designers.  According to a LinkedIn report, UX design is one of the top five in-demand skills!

In the previous blog, we discussed UX/UI Design in more detail! You can check it out HERE.

At Dublin CODING School we provide UX/UI Design courses aimed at adults who wish to change careers. You do not need any background in tech to take this course. You can be a builder, teacher, beautician, etc, and still, take our courses!

There are many UX/UI Design courses out there on the market, but makes Dublin Coding Schools the best?

Here are the 4 reasons to study UX/UI Design at Dublin CODING School;


  1. Course Content

Our UX/UI Design course material is created by experts and is regularly updated to reflect current industry trends! Our experts who create the course content are UX/UI Design professionals who work in the industry.

By taking the UX / UI Design Course you will learn how to:

  • Understand the principles of the UX / UI Design professional
  • Learn the fundamentals of user interface (UI) anatomy
  • Understand how to conduct user experience research and analyse the results
  • Learn how to create screen design mock-ups and make them responsive
  • Learn how to work with Adobe XD or Figma, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator
  • Create a final project to demonstrate your new professional skills

All our courses are online and are happening in real-time! We want our classes to interactive and give you the best education we can!


  1. Lectures

All our courses are led by professional IT Lecturers. Our UX/UI Design course is being led by Ryan O’Flynn. Ryan the UX Lead at Hewlett Packard having previously gained a Masters in Design from the University of Limerick.

In a previous blog we asked Ryan about his career so far and his advice for aspiring  UX/UI Designers. You can read the full article HERE.

Ryan 1


  1. Career Centre

When you take UX/UI Design course you will have access to Dublin coding school’s career centre. We would highly recommend using it to its advantage. We provide career consultations, CV writing advice, and assistance with digital hubs such as LinkedIn. We will also perform mock interviews to help you ace your interview for your dream UX/UI Design job!

4 Reasons to Study UX/UI Design with Dublin CODING School 2


  1. Job opportunities

So you have completed the UX/UI course and now you’re wondering what is next? At Dublin CODING School Our main goal is your successful employment of all our students. We work hard to put partnerships in place with companies who are currently hiring in the topic areas of our courses.  Some of our current partner companies are TuneRelease, CitySwift, Bradley, Hellious, and many more. Thanks to this We have a successful track record placing graduates with partner companies who are exclusive to the CODING School!


4 Reasons to Study UX/UI Design with Dublin CODING School


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