The software industry is fast-growing, and with it comes the ever-increasing need for quality assurance testers. But within quality assurance, there are two paths you can take: manual testing and automation testing. Both offer exciting opportunities, and the good news is, you can even combine them for a well-rounded skillset. So, why choose a career in software testing? Let’s see… 

  1. On the Look Out for Quality:

    As a tester, you play a vital role. You’re the one ensuring software applications are functional, user-friendly, and bug-free before they reach the end user. You get to break things down, identify weaknesses, and ultimately contribute to a better product.

  2. Multifaceted and Always Evolving:

    The world of software development is fast-paced, and so is testing. You’ll constantly encounter new technologies and applications, keeping your skills sharp and your mind engaged.

  3. Manual vs. Automation: Why Not Both?

    Manual testing involves a keen eye for detail and a user-centric approach. You’ll carefully test software functionality, usability, and performance. Automation testing, on the other hand, leverages tools and scripts to simplify repetitive tasks. Both approaches are valuable, and many testers possess skills in both areas.

  4. High Demand, High Satisfaction:

    The need for skilled testers is on the rise. According to a recent study, quality assurance tester roles are projected to grow much faster than average. Plus, tester satisfaction is high, with many citing the problem-solving aspect and the impact they have on software quality as key motivators.

Upskilling for Success: Dublin Coding Schooldublin coding school logo


So, are you interested in a career in software testing? Dublin Coding School can help you get there! We offer manual and automation testing courses, for both beginners and experienced testers to improve their skills. We offer flexible learning options, allowing you to fit your studies around your existing commitments. Our supportive instructors and industry-focused curriculum will prepare you for a successful career in software testing. 

Whether you’re a detail-oriented individual who thrives on finding solutions or someone who enjoys the challenge of automation, software testing offers a dynamic and rewarding career path. With Dublin Coding School, you can gain the skills and knowledge to become a valuable asset in the software development world.