Automation is a rapidly growing sector with increasingly lucrative roles, Automation is an ever-growing branch of the IT and software industry. As the world is beginning to become more digitized Automation begins to rise in prominence as Automation Testing is a crucial part of ensuring the smooth operation of software and programmes.

Why you should consider a career in Automation Testing

This increasing importance of Automation Testers means the relevant roles are in high demand and companies are willing to pay very competitive salaries in an effort to employ quality QA testers. These careers have a lot of room for growth and flexibility as a lot of freelancers often have free reign to work as a freelancer and can set their own hours of work allowing them to be productive in other areas of their lives.

Automation testing is a broad field with lots of potential avenues for exploration for example the gaming industry is a lucrative sector that frequently uses Automation Testing to fix bugs and glitches in the game. The skills needed to be a good Automation Tester are critical thinking, an analytical mind, and a technically sound professional.

Automation Testing is a budding field and It is in people’s interest to begin their education in the field today with us at Dublin Coding School.


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