Many people reach a point in their working lives where they begin to feel as if they’re no longer moving forward. Or maybe the comfortability of the job they’re in, slowly begins to fade, leaving them in an emotionally precarious position. There’s also a large cohort of the workforce who downright dislike the work they do, feeling trapped or duty bound to a role they detest. All of these feelings are common and valid. Finding a way to challenge these feelings or discovering a route to change one’s situation, is somewhat less common.


Tech Career Change


One such route out of such a predicament, is a career change. Luckily, Ireland is a great place to be if you’re looking to turn your hand to something new. Now, this might seem a bit biased but the tech sector is a fantastic place to go searching, if a career change is what you’re looking for. Ireland is one of the world’s tech capitals. With a massive start-up scene, where new opportunities are created on the daily, on top of Dublin being the home of many leading tech brands’ headquarters. With that in mind, all an individual needs is an interest, and an educator to give them the skills they need.


Tech Career Change


Within the tech industry there exists a great variety of career paths which can turn out to be fruitful in many different ways. The great rate at which it changes and evolves means there are constantly new roles, which need to be filled. Furthermore, computer skills are not always required straight away. Many competencies such as graphic design, marketing, project management and HR offer great opportunities to kickstart your crossover into the tech world. With most tech companies being meritocracies, this offers you a great chance to prove yourself based on your application and commitment. While your transferable skills and insight into different industries, no doubt something which could be appreciated quite highly.


Tech companies also have a reputation for being keen on creating a healthy work environment for their employees. An employer that is big on enhancing culture, is something which can really change the way you view yourself, your career and give you a new lease of life. As tech knows no limits, it is unlikely your employers will endeavour to stifle or limit your capacities as you grow into your new role. This opportunity to be creative and seek new challenges, further distances the likelihood of burnout.

Now it would be remiss of us not to discuss one clear and obvious benefit of a future-proof career in tech, the pay. Pay structure, and in fact flexibility around where you work from, are something which makes considering a career switch into tech, something which should not be sniffed at. In fact, the average pay for entry level jobs in the subjects Dublin CODING School offer courses in, look like this:


Data Analyst – €40,000 p/a

UX Designer – €45,000 p/a

Cyber Security Engineer – €42,000 p/a

Web Developer – € 50,000 p/a

Automation Tester – €42,125 p/a


Tech Career Change


With that in mind, why not devote a small amount of time into investigating how a career change could benefit you? Feel free to get in touch with us, or have a look through our website HERE. Our commitment is to provide you with the education, industry insight and connections you need to kickstart your new career.