The image of going back to school is often associated with the image of a child or a teen, which can highly unmotivate adults and prevent them from seeing retraining as an amazing opportunity. You might think that people will be judgemental, that you are too old to learn, and you may even believe that it is like taking a step back in your life, but, truth is, acquiring new skills and learning something new will boost your career and your life in general!

If you are still wondering if you should retrain as an adult, here are our top 3 reasons why you should (based on the feedback from our students who believed in themselves)!

Mature student

To have another arrow in the quiver

New technologies are perpetually reshaping today’s world, and all systems you might have known 10 years ago have already been replaced by new products and new processes. Ageing skills and knowledge will have little to no use in the future, so to get ready for tomorrow’s job market it is essential to keep updating your skills and broaden your abilities.


To get a second bite at the cherry

Between the moment you first had to choose a career path and today, you switched from an inexperienced teenager to an adult with great experience and wisdom, and who knows what they like and dislike. Studying a discipline, that you chose in full awareness, will help you to get rid of the remorses and frustrations you may have and enable you to take full control of your future.


To land your dream job

If you wanted to change careers without retraining, you would only have access to jobs which are not far from your original field of expertise. Switching to new prospects in which you do not have any prior experience or knowledge would be nearly impossible. Retraining enables you to get this crucial knowledge that one needs to build a career in a particular field while showing to your future employers that you are serious about joining a new adventure.

Mature student

Bonus reason: To have fun!

Retraining does not only improve your life and broaden your career prospects, it also enables you to go out of your usual routine, spices up your life, gives you new subjects to learn and talk about and helps you make new friends!

If like many of our students you are ready to take a step towards a better future, Dublin CODING School offers numerous tech courses! Book an appointment with us to learn more!