Selenium is an open-source software comprised of various automation tools that automate web browser interactions, developed for testing purposes. In short, Selenium-enabled scripts simulate user interaction with a web page using a synthetic sequence of user behavior representing a test case that will include selecting options, entering data in various fields, and specifying wait times at various checkpoints in the interaction.

Here are three quick points which exhibit some of the main advantages of learning Selenium:
1) Selenium is free to use open-source software which is contributing factor to its popularity.
2) Selenium is very versatile as it supports various programming languages to write test scripts
3) Selenium also supports multiple operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.
As you can see from some of the points listed above one of the main benefits of Selenium is its versatility, this versatility means learning Selenium is almost a no-brainer because no matter what programming languages and operating systems are in place Selenium will seamlessly work with whatever tools are available.
Another reason to learn Selenium is that it is easy to implement. Selenium scripts are not something like writing a hundred-page complex algorithm. Writing Selenium scripts is not more than writing a few pieces of code to automate the functionalities of your website. Selenium provides a user-friendly interface that helps create and execute test scripts easily and effectively. You can also watch while tests are running. You can analyse detailed reports of Selenium tests and take follow-up actions and finally, you will never feel alone. A huge Selenium community is always available to help you in case of need. You can ask your queries and perform brainstorming in the community.
Finally, another benefit of Selenium is Cross-Device testing, Support across multiple devices is another major benefit of automation testing with Selenium. Automated test cases can now be written for testing on iPhones, Blackberry, and Android, thereby helping in addressing cross-device issues.
What is Selenium? 2
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