Automation Testing is the tech equivalent of that colleague or classmate that you don’t know quite a lot about. You know their name, you’ve heard them mentioned a couple of times in passing conversation, you have a broad idea of what they might do, but do you know what their job really involves? Maybe it is time to introduce you to one another.

Your colleague at work may know several languages: French, Spanish, Italian, etc. This might make their ability to communicate or understand fellow colleagues or clients much easier. That’s a bit like Automation Testing. Knowledge of coding languages makes it much easier to complete a testing automation job. While you only need to know at least one language to get by day-to-do, having a well-rounded comprehension of several languages will make your understanding of automation testing a lot more straightforward.

What is Automation Testing

While an understanding of coding languages such as Java and JavaScript will stand to you in a
career in automation testing, it is not enough to really succeed in it. You will need to become acquainted with the latest framework and tools including Selenium, Cypress, and Postman.

What is Automation Testing 2

That colleague you don’t know a lot about may possess some personal skills that you may need to improve upon. Or perhaps, you possess these skills already. In order to be a successful automation tester, you need to have the following:

  • A Sharp Eye for Analysis

You have a good eye for improvement. You can spot errors or issues before anyone else can. You can see the devil in the detail.

  • Clear and Comprehendible Communication

You like to make things as easy to understand as possible. You can inform others in a way that they can easily acknowledge what you have said.

  • Excellent Time Management and Organisation

You are always on time. A lack of punctuality is one of your biggest pet peeves. You like things to be organised so you can therefore be more efficient.

  • A ‘Can Do’ Attitude

You have true resilience. Nothing can stand in your way as you always wish to persevere in order to succeed.

  • Fierce Passion

You feel that way you are doing is for the greater good. This gives you the incentive to work harder, smarter, and more passionately.

What is Automation Testing 3

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