Meet the Professional:

Bruno Neves is a UX/UI designer and developer with over 12 years of experience. Bruno is currently based in Canada. “I am a professional focused on creating meaningful experiences through design”.


We asked Bruno for his views on the UX/UI Design industry and his advice for people considering a new career in the area:

What first attracted you to UX/UI Design?

Solving user problems through design is very gratifying. In IT, design  solves many problems such as functionality, usability and visuality. To summarise- ‘Design is Everything’.


What do you enjoy most about your work?

I love when I see a project come together successfully. That means, people, using and writing good reviews about your product. Or when the project becomes a reference for other professionals working in the field.


What inspires you to create your designs?

What inspires me the most is how my designs will affect the end user. How it will help them to solve their problems and how the user will feel using the products which I have designed.


How do you discover the needs of the user?

There are some processes that help every UX designer understand the user. User interviews are the key. In addition, a low-fidelity prototype helps to check and test the functionality of users’ needs that were verified.


What are the hallmarks of good  UX/UI Design?

A couple of them are the following:

-The final solution to the problem is something that has already been created by someone else or is a completely new solution to a known problem.

-How easy and clean the final solution is for the user.


What do you consider an important tip for starting a UX/UI Design career?

The most important tip I would give is to pay attention to details!


What advice would you give to someone considering a career in UX/UI Design?

The person just has to be willing to learn, it is a long path and requires a lot of research, the person should be creative, but mainly willing to learn about a range of different things in the tech field, it is important to think outside the box and innovate.


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