In January 2021 there are over 1.83 billion websites on the Internet compared to 4,66 billion users of the Internet. The number of web surfers is only 2.5 times higher than the online places they can visit. The choice is incredible. 2021 was an interesting year in UI design. Last year’s events foreshadow big changes in how we use technology in the future and this greatly impacts designers so let’s examine some of the potential trends for 2022.

UI Design Trends for 2022!

Minimalism and Simplification
Take a look at some of the most well-known, leading tech companies and you can spot a strong preference for simple, informative, minimal interfaces (Revolut, Meta, Oculus, etc.) Year by year, this trend is getting bigger and bigger and more brands are starting to use it.

Bolder and more characteristic fonts
Two trends that will influence 2022 are brands starting to own and accept the aesthetic of much bolder fonts and ink trap fonts in their UI. For example, Discord and Nike had a branding refresh in 2021 and it seems they have one thing in common: They have chunky fonts on their pages. This look nicely bounces off the negative space and creates a stronger emphasis on titles.

You may understand it or not, but NFTs are probably the biggest internet craze right now. NFTs have given almost everyone a new possibility of earning money – if you can create something visual online, you can simply sell it as a piece of art. “Democratization of art” means that absolutely everyone can sell their work online and that almost everything can be identified as art!

UI Design Trends for 2022!

Design Thinking
To expand, design thinking is an approach to problem-solving that focuses on innovation and creation. UI Designers use the design thinking process to discover problems and come up with creative solutions by thoroughly understanding their users’ goals, frustrations, and end-task. Their goal is to design products that are easy to use, rather than expecting users to adapt to said products.

UI Trends 2022
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