Have you ever met someone and asked what they do for a living and they respond with something along the lines of “I work in technology” or “I work in the tech industry”? Immediately, you think “genius” or “that sounds really interesting”. But have you ever thought about working in the tech industry yourself? Ever pondered over the idea of changing careers into one of the fastest growing industries, not just in Ireland, but globally? Now is as good a time as any to really think about pursuing a career in tech.


According to Enterprise Ireland, Ireland has the fastest growing tech worker population in Europe. While we are all sick of hearing the word “coronavirus”, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a major rise in jobs within the tech industry. More and more companies are now seeking employees such as web developers, data analysts, automation testers, cybersecurity specialists, and so on. Among those companies that are expanding their Irish workforce are Cartrawler, Ocuco, and Ardanis.

Ireland is a major tech hub for large multinational companies. In the last few weeks, a Canadian company, N’Ware Technologies, announced its plans to grow its workforce in the Co. Laois region. However, it is not just multinational firms that are expanding. Ireland also has a wide variety of SME’s that are recruiting heavily in tech roles. Recently, four start-up companies, founded through University College Cork, have informed the public of their plans to hire in various tech-related roles such as software development.


A job in tech is also appealing for the following three letters: W-F-H. Work from home. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that working from home can be achieved, and by the looks of it, is appealing for both employees and employers. From an employee standpoint, they have more time to spend with family, less time commuting, fewer expenses, can work in their own environment, and best of all can work from anywhere they want.


Who is suited to a career in tech? The short answer is anyone! But what makes a successful career change into tech is a determined attitude and a willingness to learn. At Dublin Coding School, we provide courses in Data Analytics, Full Stack Web Development, UX/UI Design, Automation Testing, Manual Testing, and Fundamentals of Cyber Security. Kick-start your career change by downloading one of our brochures to find out more about our courses. Your journey in tech starts HERE!