As many jobs evolve over time, so too does automation testing. In the last number of years, modern testing tools, such as Selenium and Cypress, have attempted to displace traditionally used tools. And it’s working. This is evident by the fact that automation testing job descriptions will usually include phrases such as “exposure to Selenium” or “experience with frameworks like Cypress”. But what are these tools? What is the advantage of using them? And who uses them?

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Launched back in 2018, Selenium is one of the most recent additions to the automation testing frameworks. It is an open-source tool used to automate web browsers. Just because it has only recently been launched doesn’t mean it is rarely used. In just three years, it has become one of the most popular automation tools. What is useful about Selenium is that it can be used to write test scripts in a wide variety of programming languages such as Java, Python, C#, and so on. It can run multiple scripts across various browsers. Selenium is mainly used by IT and computer software companies; however, its use has grown in other sectors such as healthcare and financial services



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Cypress grew from the need to combat the challenges faced with end-to-end testing. Since launching in 2015, Cypress has grown due to its ease of use amongst QA engineers and testers alike. The unique part about Cypress is that it can be used on any front-end framework or website. It is a JavaScript-based framework that is executed within the browser. Cypress is mainly used by developers or QA engineers, but a lot of Irish testing roles do look at the knowledge of Cypress as an advantage.



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Postman is a collaboration platform for API (Application Programming Interface) development. While it is not as recent as previously mentioned tools, since Postman’s inception in 2012, it has been adapted and altered to suit users’ needs appropriately. Postman can meet a business’s specific testing needs more accurately due to its ability to effectively integrate with systems. Postman allows its users to store information easily,  not only that but also find this information in a straightforward manner. Many of the top-performing companies, such as Microsoft, Twitter, and PayPal, all of whom have offices in Ireland, use Postman within their development and testing departments.


Want to learn more about these tools?

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