Cybersecurity: The preventative measures put in place in order to safeguard the virtual aspects of all businesses.

It is clear to see that the topic is everpresent in both national and international news coverage, whether it be in relation to notable cyber attacks (that of the HSE, 2021, which is likely to cost the organisation upwards of 100 million euros) or steps taken by the relevant bodies to combat cyber-related problems, such as hacks or phishing. Nevertheless, questions remain apparent: what are the cyber threats facing businesses in Ireland and around the world today, and why is Cybersecurity so important?

The Importance of Cybersecurity Today

The Global Threat

On a global level, the University of Maryland reports that a cyber attack, whereby a person or persons gain unauthorised access to a system/server, is bound to occur every 39 seconds. With this in mind, from the time you’ve begun reading this article, one attack has already occurred somewhere around the world. Furthermore, in 2019 alone, these attacks cost businesses internationally a combined total of around 2 trillion USD, a greater sum than that lost to natural disasters in the same year, and a figure which is set to increase to 6 trillion dollars by the end of this year.


The Importance of Cybersecurity Today

What does this mean for Ireland?

Keeping these stark statistics in mind, it is important to consider where Irish businesses currently stand, and how well they may be prepared for potential attacks. Cyber Ireland’s 2020 annual report found that 41% of organisations security teams were understaffed at the time of research. Evidently, this is a concerning figure, considering today’s business environment where over 70% of large Irish businesses have experienced cyber-related problems (such as those mentioned previously), and proving to be a concern as over 90% of Irish business leaders are worried about cyber threats stemming from this potentially treacherous environment.

Necessarily, demand for staff within the cybersecurity area continues to increase year on year. Organisations of all shapes and sizes are clamouring for specialists, with the correct skills, in light of the current climate. Dublin CODING School’s cybersecurity fundamentals course equips people with these skills, enabling an achievable new career in one of the fastest-growing areas of tech. Download our brochure HERE to find out more, and start your journey with us today!