Changing your career can be an incredibly daunting and overwhelming idea. Especially if you’ve spent many years building up your career in an industry that you have now lost interest and satisfaction in.
There are many jobs in the tech industry out there that can build on the skills you’ve developed in a previous career. This means you don’t have to start from the beginning, and that you should only need to add a few more skills to your skillset to make a transition into a job you would find more fulfilling. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a nurse, an engineer, or a bank teller, you have valuable skills that are useful in a tech career. Here are some careers that will give you an easier transition into the tech industry.

Tech Job Titles for Industry Changers Who Don’t Want To Start Over

Finance -Data Analyst
If you have a background in finance, then becoming a data analyst is likely to be a good fit for you. It’s essentially taking data and turning it into insights that a business can act on. It’s suited for anyone who is used to working with numbers and analyzing/interpreting trends.
It doesn’t matter what part of finance you’re coming from your background and experience will give you an edge over others when applying for the same jobs. Just be sure to emphasize your analytical and data skills!

Tech Job Titles for Industry Changers Who Don’t Want To Start Over 2

Engineer – Web Developer
Engineering involves a lot of problem-solving. Programming websites and apps are one massive exercise in problem-solving, from coming up with the best solution for your users to finding the best way to create solutions for troubleshooting bugs along the way. The skills you developed as an engineer will definitely serve you as a developer and put you at an advantage. Be sure to talk about problems you found solutions to in your CV as this is a key aspect of web development.

Tech Job Titles for Industry Changers Who Don’t Want To Start Over 2

Nurse -Web Development Team Leader
Web development team leaders manage teams of developers generally working on more complex apps and websites. They need to have good development skills, but more importantly, they need to have excellent problem-solving, communication, and people skills.
That’s why anyone with experience as a nurse has an advantage over the competition after these jobs. Nurses spend their time managing people, often in difficult circumstances plus keeping their colleagues happy and working as a team. They also spend their days solving problems, in particular interpersonal problems. This gives someone with a nursing background a serious advantage when changing their career into web development!

Tech Job Titles for Industry Changers Who Don’t Want To Start Over 2
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