Svetlana is a  Data Analytics graduate and has just secured her dream role as a Junior Analyst at Accenture! Svetlana shared her story on why she made the career change from the beauty industry to Data Analytics.

She also shares her experience with the Dublin CODING School and our Career Centre!She also shares her experience with the Dublin CODING School and our Career Centre!

Why did you choose the Dublin CODING School?

COVID had an impact on my job as a beautician. I wanted to change my career and work in a more stable area, Data Analytics. I saw Dublin CODING School as a good opportunity to realise that goal as they offered courses but also helped you find a role afterward through their Career Centre.

What was your experience with the Data Analytics Course?

All of the classes are live with a lecturer, not pre-recorded. This really suited me as a beginner as you always had the Lecturer there to answer any questions you might have. Also, as the class sizes are small, the course is very interactive.

The Lecturers are all top professionals, so you feel you are learning from the best. There was just the right mix of theory and practical work.

What was your experience at the Career Centre?

The Career Counsellor was very friendly and professional, they helped me fine-tune my CV and tell my story in relation to the job I aspire to, as a Data Analyst. They also helped me with my Linkedin profile and online presence.

Did you get the results you wanted?

After I received my Certificate in Data Analytics, Dublin CODING School secured me an internship with one of their partner companies. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly this happened. During the internship, I then secured an interview for a full-time role with Accenture as a Junior Analyst. Dublin CODING School helped me prepare for the interview and I am happy to say I got the job.

How did the Career Centre prepare you for the interview?

The day before my interview, I had a video call with the Dublin CODING School Career Centre which coached me on interview techniques, anticipated questions from the hiring company and prepared answers for me. They also gave me a selection of questions to ask, prepared my career story and role-played a technical interview. This experience was invaluable and gave me confidence going into the interview.

Would you recommend the Dublin CODING School?

I found my dream role through Dublin CODING School within four months. I cannot recommend their approach enough, it really works!