Raul is one of Dublin CODING School’s recent Web Development (Full-Stack) Graduates. We asked Raul to share his experience and why he chose to study at Dublin CODING School.


Success Stories RAUL

Why did you choose the Dublin CODING School?
I chose Dublin Coding School because of its highly trained lecturers and the company’s reputation online.

What was your experience with the Web Development Course?
I really liked the flexibility of the course, it worked well for me also I like how the material was presented by Deepali Futane, her teaching methods are awesome, she explained everything very clearly and she answered all my questions during the course. I enjoyed every minute of the lecture.

How would you rate the teaching material?
The material’s very well structured, easy to understand!

How would you rate your knowledge out of 10 before then after taking this course?
My web development skills improved significantly after the course, from 0 before to 9 after.

Would you recommend Dublin CODING School?
I would highly recommend Dublin CODING School, the courses are awesome and the lecturers are very knowledgeable!

If you are interested in Web Development, then download Dublin CODING Schoo’s course brochure HERE!