Jayne is one of Dublin CODING School’s recent Data Analytics Graduates. We asked Jayne to share her story on why she made the career change from Finance into Data Analytics and how she found the course!



Why did you choose the Dublin CODING School?

Having worked for several years in Finance, I felt I wanted a change and needed a way to enter into a more technical field that would be interesting to me. I found Dublin Coding School in the Dublin People newspaper and decided to get in touch. From my first conversation with Luke I knew it was just what I needed. Small classes, hands-on experience, and the opportunity to repeat and refresh the information after gaining the certificate were all great benefits.


What was your experience with the Data Analytics Course?

I found it brilliant! My teacher Johns was so talented and always able to answer any questions and was always more than willing to stay beyond the class time if there was something one of us didn’t quite understand. He really cared about our understanding and being comfortable with the information.


How would you rate the teaching material/course content?

The course content was great. I felt it really gave a great sense of what an entry-level data analyst might do. I found the material challenging but very enjoyable.


How would you rate your knowledge out of 10 before then after taking this course?

I would say my knowledge was at 2 before as I had some exposure to all elements. Based on the course content, I think my knowledge is at 9 now and it has given me a thirst to continue learning in this area.


Would you recommend Dublin CODING School?



If you are considering changing career like Jayne, then download our Data Analytics brochure HERE!