Dorota is one of Dublin CODING School’s recent 1:1 UI Design course Graduates! We asked Dorota to share her experience at Dublin CODING School and why he decided to take a 1:1 UI Design course:



Why did you choose the Dublin CODING School?

Dublin CODING School was the only school in Ireland I could find that offered 1:1 courses in UI Design course. The location was important to me as I am stationed in Dublin and want to progress my UX/UI Design career here. Even though the classes were online (which was super convenient too as I happened to be on holiday in Poland for most of the course duration) I wanted to work with a company and a specialist who know the realities of the job market in Ireland. I had my first call with Luke pretty quickly after making a query and he seemed genuinely enthusiastic and interested in helping me reach my goals which eventually sealed the deal!

Why did you decide to choose Dublin CODING School 1:1 course?

There are many reasons I chose to do a 1:1 course! I had already had some UX design knowledge and wanted to focus on the UI aspect. I also have ADHD which is a learning disorder and the 1:1 course was a great way to keep me engaged, focused, excited, and motivated without feeling burnt out by this career switch. This was very important to me so I wanted to do it right. Even with the cost being higher than the one for the traditional course at Dublin CODING this format suited my needs and schedule! The course was absolutely worth every penny, so if you need flexibility whether it is due to your job, commitments or just busy life I think it’s the best way to go. You won’t miss out on any content and the lecturer’s focus is directed at you!

What was your experience with your 1:1 UI Design course?

Every aspect of it was just great. I’ve had a great, experienced, and had a wonderful engaging lecturer. I feel very much in control of the lesson, I could freely ask questions, share my thoughts and point of view. I could take a short break or switch to a conversation when I felt too overwhelmed with information too. I also loved the flexibility of the course!

How would you rate the course content?

For the most part, it was very easy to digest even without previous experience or knowledge of UI design. Interesting information, good real-life examples. I feel the content was very well structured and it helped transition smoothly from the basics to more advanced topics!

Would you recommend Dublin CODING School?

Absolutely. It was a fantastic experience that really helped me improve and I truly believe it will advance my career greatly!

If you are considering doing a 1:1 course like Dorota, then you can find out more HERE!