Chris, a retail manager from Dublin, joined Dublin CODING School’s Data Analytics Course in May 2021.

Two weeks into the course, we asked Chris about his experience so far and how he is finding the course:


student review data analytics course chris


Why did you decide to study Data Analytics?

I have been working in the retail sector for many years and am currently managing a chain of clothing shops. I have seen how the retail industry has turned to ecommerce with more businesses operating online. I decided to change my career-path and learn data analytics to take advantage of this change in my industry.


What made you choose Dublin CODING School?

I liked how the training was technical and practical with teachers who are professionals. The Career Centre was also a draw for me as Dublin CODINNG School help students after the course with your CV, interview techniques and connections.


How have you found the course so far?

The lectures have been hands on, challenging and fun. I am getting a real feel for the subject now. The class groups are small so there is plenty of interaction, with every question answered.


How have you found the teaching approach?

The Lecturer has been great, with real world case studies and stories to demonstrate the learning points.


Has the course met your expectations so far?

Yes, it has got off to a great start and I am looking forward to the rest of the course.