Bradley is one of Dublin CODING School’s recent Cyber Security Graduates. We asked Bradley to share his experience at Dublin CODING School.



Why did you choose Dublin CODING School?

I was interested in getting into Coding and Cyber Security, I tried some online courses but for me, I much prefer having a classroom environment with a lecturer and other students. While looking around for courses in Dublin that teach Cyber Security, I came across Dublin Coding School and decided to have a chat about what they offer and the course itself.
I also liked that the course was only a few weeks long, as I was able to get a feel for this type of career and if it’s something I’d truly be interested in.

What was your experience of the Cyber Security Course?

Overall, I had a great experience, the lecturer, Jim, was excellent and knew his stuff! He would also take time to do 1-1’s with each student at the end of each lesson and address any concerns or questions, which was nice.

How would you rate the course content?

The material covered is definitely helpful when starting out in a career in cyber security. In the course, we covered topics such as Web Applications / Application Security, Networking, Penetration Testing, and Cryptography!
The lecturer also gave useful tools and sites like TryHackMe, HackTheBox, and Hacker101 to gain more hands-on practical experience, which are great sites for more learning!

How would you rate your knowledge out of 10 before then after taking this course?

Before starting the course, I had some basic knowledge, I’d rate it around a 3 – 4 just from some self-study I was doing. After the course, I would put it to around 8 – 9 so it did help improve my understanding of what Cyber Security entails.

Would you recommend Dublin CODING School to a friend?

Yes, I would recommend DCS for someone that might have a full-time job, but might want to change career paths or learn something on the side. I would even suggest it to someone that is simply looking for courses regarding Data Analysis, Coding, Cyber Security, etc. The courses are short and also if you pay before a certain date, you get a discount on the price so that’s nice!
I also had no issues getting in contact with Luke if any issues popped up during the course, he is very responsive!

If you are interested in Cyber Security, then download Dublin CODING Schoo’s course brochure HERE!