Contemplating a career change and exploring new opportunities can be both exciting and daunting. Doubts and questions may arise, such as where to start, whether it aligns with your interests, and how easy it will be to find a job in the new field.

This is where Dublin Coding School comes in to offer a solution! We are delighted to announce a special event – an individual consultation day designed solely to help individuals like you navigate this process successfully.

Our doors are open to everyone, even if you haven’t studied with us before but have a desire to pursue a career in the IT industry.

During the consultations, you will:

✅ Explore various career possibilities in the IT field.

✅ Understand the key steps to take when embarking on a career change.

✅ Receive valuable advice on the next steps to take in the IT field.

✅ Get answers to all your questions about our Dublin Coding School courses, allowing you to make informed decisions about your educational path.

❗️ To participate in the event, prior registration is required. Fill the form below.


Here’s the information about the event:

🗓 When: October 25th

📍Where: Online

⌚️ Time: 10am – 4pm

We eagerly await your presence at our event! Join us in embarking on a journey into the world of IT. See you there!