How Tech Has Changed the World of Work: Addressing the Tech Skill-Gap

Kicking off the live webinars on our Agenda Stage at Virtual Recruitment Expo will be the General Manager of Dublin CODING School, Luke Treacy. On Thursday, 13th May, Luke will give his talk – How Tech Has Changed the World of Work: Addressing the Tech Skill-Gap.



  • Industry specific examples showing how technology has affected the world of work
  • An overview of the tech-skills gap in Ireland and Europe
  • What does the future working world look like?


About Luke Treacy

Luke Treacy is the General Manager of the Dublin CODING School, a new tech-education business currently based in Dun Laoghaire.

Luke is an experienced executive in technology, media and digital publishing having previously served as CEO/Managing Director of two businesses in the UK and two in Ireland including an AI/IoT focused research business.

Luke holds an MBA from Imperial College London and has previously studied Artificial Intelligence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Digital Strategies at the University of Oxford.

WHEN: Thursday, 13th May, 10am


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