FREE ONLINE EVENT: Introducing Trinity Tangent and Launchbox

Join us on Wednesday the 21st of July when Allison Treacy and Gavan Drohan will introduce Tangent, Trinity College’s ideas workspace and Launchbox, it’s associated start-up incubator.

Tangent has recently partnered with Dublin CODING School. The partnership gives Tangent and Lunchbox’s s start-ups access to Dublin CODING School’s recent graduates for upcoming and future technical internships


During the session, the panellists will discuss:

  • What is Trinity Tangent and Launchbox?
  • An overview of the mission and achievements so far
  • An insight into the start-ups involved and success stories
  • Opportunities in tech in Ireland for Web Developers, Testers and Data Analysts



  • Allison Treacy, Launchbox Programme Manager, Student Start-up and Innovation Manager, Tangent
  • Gavan Drohan, Head of Student Entrepreneurship, Tangent / Trinity College Dublin
  • Luke Treacy, General Manager, Dublin CODING School (moderator)


WHEN: 2PM on the 21st of July




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