Who are they intended for?

This course is for adults who want to change their careers and work in UX/UI (User-Experience and Use- Interface) Design. The course has been specifically designed with the Irish jobs market in mind.

Why Study UX/UI Design?

UX/UI Design has become a crucial function in the new world of work. More and more companies have an online presence, are creating digital products and are communicating with customer through the web. As the need to make these products user friendly grows so too does the need for new UX/UI Designers to be trained and fill the jobs being created.

What will you learn?

By taking the UX / UI Design Course at Dublin CODING School you will learn how to:

  • Understand the principles of the UX / UI Design professional
  • Learn the fundamentals of user interface (UI) anatomy
  • Understand how to conduct user experience research and analyse the results
  • Learn how to create screen design mock-ups and make them responsive
  • Learn how to work with Adobe XD or Figma, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
  • Create a final project to demonstrate your new professional skills

What next?

We apply a mentoring principle under which graduates who have any programming related questions can contact their lecturers for one additional month after completing their courses. You will also be able to use our school’s facilities both during and after the training courses.

If you want to start a career as a programmer, we will help you find a job in one of our partner IT companies.


  • WEB designer
  • UX designer
  • UI designer
  • UX / UI designer
  • Product Designer
  • IT Analyst


Upcoming course

September 25

Duration: 6 weeks
Time: 3 hour session from 18:30 to 21:30 – 3 times per week
Price: €1350
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October 30

Duration: 6 weeks
Time: 3 hour session from 18:30 to 21:30 – 3 times per week
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November 27

Duration: 6 weeks
Time: 3 hour session from 18:30 to 21:30 – 3 times per week
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January 29

Duration: 6 weeks
Time: 3 hour session from 18:30 to 21:30 – 3 times per week
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WEEK 1: Introduction to UX

  • Introduction to the stages of the digital interface design project.
  • Overview of the different types of websites and digital products and their purpose.
  • Understanding User-centered design and Design Thinking.
  • An introduction to UX user research methods and research insights systematisation methods

Practical work: identification of a chosen site type, user and its goals, creation of a user path map and userflow schemes. Working with the MIRO interactive whiteboard.

WEEK 2: Information Architecture and Adaptive design

  • Understanding the principles and components of information architecture. 
  • Introduction to the principles of adaptive design. Displaying content on different screen sizes: adaptive and responsive methods, application of grid and viewport breakpoints.
  • Features of mobile device user interfaces.
  • Creation and practice of structure sketches (wireframes).

Practical work: analysis of the information architecture of a developed website and creation of sitemaps and wireframes. Working with Adobe XD / Figma programs.


WEEK 3: Graphic design

  • Introduction to brand style development. Creating a mood collage.
  • Understanding logo sketching and creation.
  • Font theory and principles of typography scale creation for digital interfaces. 
  • Color theory and palette design.
  • Principles of composition. Gestalt’s laws of visual perception and their application in the design of digital interfaces.
  • Creation, use and application of illustrations and photographs in UI design work.

Practical work: development of guidelines for the logo and sign style of the website – font, color palette, illustrations, and photography. Adjustment of structure sketches (wireframe).


WEEK 4: UI Design Principles

  • An overview of design systems and the challenges of developing growing digital products.
  • Creating a library of UI components and UI components: icons, selection controls, buttons, menus, tabs, shapes, filters, and more.
  • Interactive UI components and their states. Micro-interactions.
  • An overview of UI design styles and trends, the choice of visual means for solving the problems of the user of the selected website.

Practical work: creating a library of user interface components. Animate the state of a UI component (filter, menu, tab, etc.) in XD or Figma applications.


WEEK 5: Transfer of UI design files. Job preparation portfolio.

  • Learn how UI designers file transfer practices and tools for programmers.
  • Getting acquainted with the structure and syntax of an HTML / CSS document, reading an HTML file in a WEB browser.
  • Preparation of the completed website design portfolio – graphic preparation of different stages, creation of process descriptions.

Practical (final) work: preparation of the final website design WEB and mobile versions. Creation of a design portfolio and graphical representation of the stages of the course project process in a portfolio entry.


WEEK 6: Refinement and Presentation of the Final Project

During the course you will create your own design using the new skills and processes you have acquired




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    How much theoretical and practical work do the courses offer?

    The training courses focus on the practical performance of tasks. At the beginning, you will be familiarized with the topics and important accents of a particular lesson, and the rest of the time will be devoted to practical tasks.

    What is a pre-course?

    It is a week-long program for individual work at home which the student undergoes before joining our intensive 7-week courses.
    Pre-course material consists of theory and practical tasks to help you master the basics of programming.

    What skills will I acquire after completing the courses?

    You will learn about different manual testing techniques and how to distinguish the main types of testing. You will learn testing in different environments by adapting the necessary tools. You will also learn to register any detected errors, learn about the necessary documentation of a tester, and how to perform the entire testing procedure correctly.

    What are the chances of finding a job after completing these courses?

    We will organize 2-3 job interviews in our partner companies for each person who has successfully completed our training courses, received good evaluations from the lecturers and did not miss more than three lectures. We will also help you write a good resume and prepare for a job interview.

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