8 Weeks | 72 hours of work with a Lecturer | €1250

Manual testing

Who are they intended for?

These evening courses are intended for people who are thinking about changing their career by moving into the IT field, and who want to learn the basics of automated testing.

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What will you learn?

You will learn about the different types and techniques of automated testing and receive a solid foundation in Java, JavaScript, Selenium, Cypress and Postman.


What will you be able to do after the courses?

  • You will be able to create and automate test scripts
  • You will learn about the most commonly used test automation tools in Ireland
  • You will be able to identify, manage and prioritise software defects
  • You will learn about testing tools, browsers and devices
  • You will receive useful references for further self-learning


What next?

We apply a mentoring principle under which graduates who have any programming related questions can contact their lecturers for one additional month after completing their courses. You will also be able to use our school’s facilities both during and after the training courses.

If you want to start a career as a programmer, we will help you find a job in one of our partner IT companies.



  • Junior Quality Assurance Tester 
  • Junior Automation QA Tester 
  • Junior Quality Assurance Engineer 


Upcoming course

April 18

Intensity: 72 hours (in real-time with a lecturer)
Duration: 8 weeks – 24 sessions
Time: 3 hour session from 18:30 to 21:30 – 3 times per week
Price: €1250
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Flexible payment options: HERE

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Next course

May 29

Intensity: 72 hours (in real-time with a lecturer)
Duration: 8 weeks – 24 sessions
Time: 3 hour session from 18:30 to 21:30 – 3 times per week
Price: €1250
Discount system: HERE
Flexible payment options: HERE

Information about our ONLINE courses: HERE


  • Introduction to testing
  • Automation Testing and Manual Testing
  • Defect registration, JIRA, understanding of test case
  • Testing tools and their practical use
  • Manual and automated testing
  • WEB testing, browsers, HTTP


  • Introduction to programming. What is Java?
  • Introduction to Selenium
  • Practical application of Selenium
  • Project work using Selenium


  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Test Automation using Cypress
  • Structure of automated tests
  • The basics of Postman
  • Presentation of the final work and discussions




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    Want to learn individually?

    11 studijos su lektoriumi vilnius coding school 3

    1-ON-1 STUDIES WITH A LECTURER –  these and all other courses can be taken individually!

    Our main goal is to employ our students in the tech sector. You can choose any of our learning programs, we will help you decide on the best program for you!

    These courses involve only two people – the student and the lecturer who devotes all of his or her personal attention to only one person during the lectures. The courses take place at a time convenient for you and according to a program that best suits your needs.


    WHY US?

    • Online courses

      Learn in real time from any city
    • Repeating courses

      You can return during the year to repeat your courses for FREE
    • Lecture recordings

      You can view our lecture recordings if you missed a lecture or wish to rewatch it
    • Official certificate

      After your graduation, you will be issued an official certificate
    • Mentoring principle

      We help our graduates find a job, write a CV and prepare for an interview with the employer, as well as offer free meetings with IT recruitment specialists
    • ALUMNI community

      A strong ALUMNI community after graduation. Job offers, events, like-minded people and useful information will be available only for our school's graduates


    career center photoIn addition to teaching you about the most popular programming languages in the IT market, we will also help you establish yourself in the IT field. That is why the mission of the Career Change Centre is successful employment or internships for all of our school’s students! With our help, you will create your own success story. We help all of our motivated and hardworking students to find a job in one of our partner IT companies.



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    How much theoretical and practical work do the courses offer?

    The training courses focus on the practical performance of tasks. At the beginning, you will be familiarized with the topics and important accents of a particular lesson, and the rest of the time will be devoted to practical tasks.

    What is a pre-course?

    It is a week-long program for individual work at home which the student undergoes before joining our intensive 7-week courses.
    Pre-course material consists of theory and practical tasks to help you master the basics of programming.

    What skills will I acquire after completing the courses?

    You will learn about different manual testing techniques and how to distinguish the main types of testing. You will learn testing in different environments by adapting the necessary tools. You will also learn to register any detected errors, learn about the necessary documentation of a tester, and how to perform the entire testing procedure correctly.

    What are the chances of finding a job after completing these courses?

    We will organize 2-3 job interviews in our partner companies for each person who has successfully completed our training courses, received good evaluations from the lecturers and did not miss more than three lectures. We will also help you write a good resume and prepare for a job interview.

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