Dublin CODING School is delighted to introduce our new Lecturer in Data Analytics, Vinil Thombrey. Vinil is a Senior Data Analyst at the Bank of Ireland. Vinil has a Master’s in Business Analytics from the University College Dublin.

We asked Vinil about his career so far and his advice for aspiring Data Analysts.

What first attracted you to Data Analytics?

Data is increasing at an exponential rate and companies are moving towards more data-driven decision-making. During my first job, I got an opportunity to work on Digital analytics projects for a B2B client which involved analysing the performance of websites and gauge marketing campaign effectiveness. I worked mostly on SQL for data extraction and Tableau for data visualisation. I realised that I have a strong inclination towards analysing data and thus, decided to pursue my master’s in this field. This attracted me to Data analytics and now it’s been more than 5 years in this field.

What does a Data Analyst’s day look like in your company?

The role of a data analyst totally depends on the team you are working in. A typical day includes understanding the problem at hand, extracting the required data elements from the databases, deciding on the right programming language to use for analysing and interpreting the output.


What advice would you give to someone considering a career in Data Analytics?

Whether you are starting your career as a data analyst or changing careers to become one, don’t feel overwhelmed due to the number of programming languages or tools that you might need to learn. Focus on one skill at a time and move on to the next one when you’ve reached a level you deem as successful. Also, once you understand one programming language/ visualisation tool, then the next one would be easier to learn. The path to success requires time, practice, and patience but now that you know the way, I hope it comes to you sooner rather than later.


Why is data so important in business today?

Data has become the most valuable asset for all the companies in today’s world. It helps organisations in making informed decisions and serves their customers brilliantly.

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