Dublin CODING School is delighted to introduce Tanya Branagan, our new Lecturer in Full-Stack Web Development. Tanya is a Full-Stack Web Developer at Vectra AI having previously worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. We asked Tanya about her career so far and his advice for aspiring Web Developers:


What first attracted you to Web Development?

I got into programming through electronics. I used to work at the Science Galley, teaching people how to solder and make little electronic things. Then I decided to learn how to program so I could teach these little electronic things what to do. Eventually, I liked it so much that I took a couple of courses in programming and Web Development.

Meet the lecturers Tanya

What does a Web Developer’s Day look like in your company?

The Web developers in my company make the website that our clients, who are cybersecurity professionals, check to see if and when they’ve been hacked. So, a well-designed site is a huge part of their job. As such, Web developers work a lot with User Experience and Design. They’ll sit down and figure out the best way for a user to accomplish a task, and when they’ve come up with a great design, it’s up to the developers to figure out how to put it together.


What advice would you give to someone considering a career in Web Development?

My advice would be to try to notice the good and bad things about websites you visit and remember them when you’re coding your own. Go to meetups (after this little apocalypse), read blogs, watch talks, take courses, try to learn from anyone with more experience than you. Never stop learning!


Why is Web Development so important in business today?

Ecommerce is a hugely important segment of overall commerce especially so over the last year. If a business doesn’t have a website, they’ll find themselves massively disadvantaged in the marketplace. Having said that, Amazon will probably eat all the others eventually!


To learn more about Dublin COINDG School’s Web Development course you can download the brochure HERE.