Dublin CODING School is delighted to introduce Neil McMahon, our new Lecturer in Web Development. Neil is a Web Development Lecturer with many years of experience in the field. Neil is a Software Engineer at Distilled, an Irish company that owns and operates Adverts, Daft, Donedeal and Gumtree. Neil is currently working on the Gumtree platform.

We asked Neil about his career so far and his advice for someone considering a career in Web Development:


What first attracted you to Web Development?

I took a computing course in Blanchardstown IT and loved the Web Development module. We were introduced to HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript, and PHP is the one that instantly caught my eye.


What does your current working day look like?

Every day is a little bit different. But generally, around 9:30 am, I check in with the other team members during the daily standup. There, we discuss how our work is going and what issues we have. After that, I go back to working on whatever I am currently working on. And some days, during the rest of the day, there are meetings with other developers (or other teams) to discuss upcoming work and try to figure out the best way to implement it.


What advice would you give to someone considering a career in Web Development?

I would say “Go for it!”. It is a really wide and interesting field, where you can choose between specialising in one aspect (front-end development for example) or being a full-stack developer and doing a bit of everything. There are tons of scope for developing an interesting and sustainable career.


Why is Web Development so crucial in business today?

More and more business is being done online, this is why I think it is important for businesses to recognise this and utilise the web for their business. There are tons of opportunities for interesting tech ideas and mostly, these need Web Developers!


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