Dublin CODING School is delighted to introduce our new Lecturer in Data Analytics, Johns George. Johns is a Senior Data Analyst at Bank of Ireland having previously trained in Computer Science at the Dublin Institute of Technology.


We asked Johns about his career so far and his advice for aspiring Data Analysts.

Johns George

What first attracted you to Data Analytics?

I was first attracted to Data Analytics due to its ability to solve complex business problems. At Bank of Ireland, it helps understand financial behaviour and identify patterns of customer activity.


What does a Data Analyst’s day look like in your company?

As part of my job, I need to effectively communicate with different stakeholders and make sure that I am providing the best information in a format people can understand. During my working day I extract data, create insightful visualisations, and help the business make accurate data driven decisions.


What advice would you give to someone consider a career in Data Analytics?

Go for it!  Data Analysts will help shape the strategy of any company or industry going forward. You will definitely get involved in lots of cool projects and meet many talented people. This job also needs constant learning and development to accommodate technological changes.


Why is data so important in business today?

Data is the new Oil! Today, data is generated at an exponential rate owing to the explosion in the availability of internet. As every decision made by a business might have larger impact to their customers, businesses rely upon Data to make sure correct decisions are made. Data also helps create new opportunities that might not have previously been foreseen.


You can hear more from Johns during our online event ‘Exploring the Role of the Data Analyst’ on Wednesday 31st of March at 6pm.

Event details can be found here: https://bit.ly/39be9Vq