Dublin CODING School is delighted to introduce James Maguire, our new Lecturer in Cyber Security. James is a Cyber Security Systems Engineer at Fidelity. James has an honours degree in Computing and Cyber Security from the National College of Ireland.

We asked James about his career so far and his advice for someone considering a career in Cyber Security!

James 1

What first attracted you to Cyber Security?

 Having always had an avid fascination with hacking in general, it was always something I wanted to try. When I returned to college in 2016 I managed to enroll in several ethical hacking workshops which just made me thirsty for more knowledge in the field. From there I chose to focus my degree on cyber security and I am hugely passionate about it!


What does Cyber Security engineer’s day look like in your company working in?

 Depending on the role the engineer fulfills within my organisation, they may focus on looking for new vulnerabilities in the environment and research their threat level and how prolific they may be within the environment. Other Engineers focus is on deploying patching to the myriad of systems we use to ensure vulnerabilities are mitigated as much as possible. There are also penetration testers, analysts, and many other types of roles. While I can’t talk specifically about what it is I do. I am part of a large cyber security push within my organization to ensure that clients’ finances are secure and safe. To date, my organization has never had a successful breach!


What advice would you give to someone considering a career in Cyber Security?

If you’re serious about considering a career within Cyber Security then get the groundwork through courses such as what Dublin Coding school offers and also take part in Ethical hacking workshops. Once you have a good base understanding of the industry then go to college and get a degree in computer science focusing on cyber security if this is feasible. If returning to college is not a feasible plan then seek out the industry-standard certifications you can achieve to propel your career along this track. But above all be passionate about it.


Why is Cyber Security so crucial in business today?

Cyber Security is now at the centre of absolutely everything we do. Nearly every facet of human life in today’s day and age is online. With this comes certain risks. Many believe that they won’t be hacked, because “what would a hacker want with them?” the reality is, this is not personal. A hacker doesn’t do this because they have a problem with you. This is a business, they are highly skilled individuals and incredibly intelligent. You are a piece of data and as such you hold value. That is why a hacker would hack you. When you realise this, you realise that actually, your entire life is online and essentially hackable. You, your family, your friends, your business. That is why Cyber Security is so important, because without people training in this field and learning to do what we do, then we have no defence against hacking!


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