Dublin CODING School is delighted to introduce our new Lecturer in Data Analytics, Daniel Reddy.

Daniel is a Senior Data Analyst at TikTok, having previously worked at Facebook and KPMG. Daniels holds a Masters in Data Analytics from the National College of Ireland.


We asked Daniel about his career so far and his advice for aspiring Data Analysts:

What first attracted you to Data Analytics?

The tremendous growth of data in today’s world and its worth is what attracted me to the role. Data is like gold and the Data Analyst is the goldsmith that transforms the raw material into something that is valuable.

What does a Data Analyst’s day look like in your company?

TikTok is a data-driven company, thus a Data Analyst’s day varies from day to day and project-wise. On average a day would start with creating a roadmap for a data launch, where you would gather requirements from stakeholders. Then put together the metric logics (definitions) and build a data mart, alongside building a front-end automated visualised dashboard.

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What advice would you give to someone consider a career in Data Analytics?

Most folks who pursue a career in analytics spend most of their time mastering technical skills such as coding, statistics, and data tools and miss out on the skills that companies are also looking for which are critical thinking and problem-solving. My advice is that these soft skills are just as important as technical skills.

Why is data so important in business today?

Data is the most valuable asset for any enterprise and the insights extracted from data are vital for a company’s growth in today’s market. Data is what triggers a business’s key decisions and implementation.


You can hear more from Daniel during our online event ‘Exploring the Role of the Data Analyst’ on Wednesday 31st of March at 6pm.

Event details can be found HERE.