Dublin CODING School is delighted to introduce Bassel Bitar, our new Lecturer in Web Development. Bassel is currently an QA Tester at Activision Blizzard. Bassel previously studied Computer and Communication Engineering at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon and completed a master’s degree in Games Development at Kingston University, London!

We asked Bassel about his career so far and his advice for someone considering a career in Web Development. 

Meet the lecturers: Bassel

What first attracted you to web development?

I started learning web development during my first year of university, and I found the process of creating a website very engaging, empowering, and personally rewarding. I enjoyed being at the forefront of technology and bringing an idea to life by running code through creativity and innovation. The room for growth – both personal and professional – as well as the constant learning and shifting made web development one of my strongest passions.

What does a web developer’s day look like in your company?

I start my day off with a green smoothie and a quick look at my to-do list. A typical day for me as a web developer would be to meet with clients, write code and monitor the performance of my websites. I like to conduct most of my calls and meetings in the morning, communication is very crucial for me, since I need to capture the site vision of my clients and their needs, and obtain any key information from them that will help me build their website. After lunch, I spend most of my time writing code for websites in languages like JavaScript and C#. Finally, at the end of my day, I ensure that all my websites are functioning properly by testing elements of the user interface and correcting any bugs. What I love about this job is that every day presents new challenges and new opportunities for growth.

 What advice would you give to someone considering a career in web development?

This career path is one of continuous learning and evolution. You’ll need to keep up to date with technology and stay sharp, and you’ll frequently need to collaborate with other developers, other departments, and external clients. Being a highly motivated person is the way to succeed in this business.

Why is web development so crucial in business today?

The demand for web developers is ever increasing. For anything you need or need to know, your first touchpoint is the internet. This stark technical shift isn’t going anywhere, especially now that companies are adapting more and more to doing business online. Every company needs an interactive website to stay afloat, and that makes web development extremely crucial in today’s business.

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