Dublin CODING School is delighted to introduce our new Lecturer in Data Analytics, Arnab Gupta. Arnab is a Data Analyst at Facebook! Arnab has a Master’s in Science and Data Analytics from the National College of Ireland.

We asked Arnab about his career so far and his advice for aspiring Data Analysts:

Meet the Lecturer

What first attracted you to Data Analytics?

About 8 years ago I was working as a Database Analyst and was at a point where I was very comfortable with the technology stack I was using and wanted to add some additional skillsets and challenges to my career. It was quite an easy decision for me as I had an inherent love for numbers and statistics since I can remember hence deciding that I pursue my journey towards exploring and gaining knowledge in the field that I am passionate about. This was the point I decided to enroll in a Masters’s course in Data Analytics.

What does Data analyst day look like in your company working in?

It is a bit tricky, as my routine/work schedule can differ depending on which project(s) I am working on then, the deadline for it, if it’s on production or UAT or Development phase. But let me try and summarise my day.

Since I have been working from home since COVID happened, I always start my work early at 8 am. In the initial hour, it’s mostly replying to emails and planning the activities that I would be working on for the day. I try and use the first hour of my work to read and learn something new from tech blogs(medium/kaggle/real python etc).

We generally have our morning stand-up at 10 am every day, where we use the time to catch up on individual progress, plan for the day and discuss blockers if any. Post-call, I get myself a coffee and start coding-related tasks(always pick the most time-consuming/tricky ones first) that I need to complete for whichever activity I am working on then till I break for lunch. After lunch, I would usually continue my work from the morning or work on some of the reporting activities on Power BI/Tableau. In-between we have quite a few calls either with the client and the team to discuss project progress or business requirements. I try and wrap up my planned activities for the day by 5 pm, and usually end my workday by 5:30 on a happy no thrill day (days when everything is working as expected, and no FireFighting is involved). 

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in Data Analytics?

Whether you’re thinking of starting your career as a Data Analyst or thinking of switching your careers, don’t feel overwhelmed even before you have started walking the road. As the saying goes “Rome was not built in a day”, similarly being a successful Data Analyst isn’t something that can be achieved overnight. Focus on one skill at a time and once confident move to the next, the key to being successful is consistency and practice. 

Why is Data Analytics crucial in business today?

Data is more than a buzzword, it’s the new Gold of the 21st century the age of digitalization. Today it’s essential for businesses to get more efficient, sell more products/services and have that edge of competitiveness in the market need to evolve and take more calculated, well-informed actions backed by the insights gained from analyzing data. The majority of the corporate world is either already in the business or is swiftly adopting data management strategies. This is primarily the reason why if you’re on the same boat as I once was, and still pondering over whether you should do it? I would suggest taking the leap of faith and the rest should be history!

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